December! The month that represents festivities, beautiful meals and pleasurable wines.

Discover our best food and wine pairing recipes for your end of year meals.

What to drink with foie gras?

A duck foie gras will go very well with our cuvée La Réserve blanche which will perfectly accompany the silky texture of the foie gras and will deliver all its aromas.

PS: at the end of the article we give you the recipe for our home-made foie gras!

And with the traditional roasted Christmas turkey?

We’d rather go for an elegant, fruity wine, not too powerful, with controlled tannins and not too much wood ageing.
Our full-bodied, sweet and fruity Garrigue cuvée will be the perfect match!

However, for a much more generous Christmas turkey (in sauce, stuffed…), it would be better to pair it with a wine of great concentration and power on the palate, such as our Réserve and Premium cuvées! Gourmandise guaranteed!

For dessert, what should we drink?

For a chocolate log, we prefer a wine with enough tannin, such as our Julius cuvée, whose tannins and aromas will match those of the cocoa.

Recipe for our homemade foie gras :

  • First step
    Gently remove the veins, spots and bitter parts of the liver with the tip of a knife, without damaging the lobe.
  • Second step
    Season the liver with salt (10g) and pepper (1g). You can also add 1g of sugar. Place the liver gently in a terracotta bowl and press down lightly. Pour 2 tablespoons of alcohol (Armagnac, cognac…) on top of the liver. Cover with a transparent film and leave the livers in the fridge to soak up the seasoning and alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Third step
    After 24 hours, remove the plastic film and close the terrine with its clay lid. Cook in a bain-marie in an oven heated to 200C° for 45 minutes. After cooking, leave to cool on the work surface and then put in the fridge. After a day or two in the fridge, your Foie Gras is ready and you can enjoy it immediately!

The whole team at Château Camplazens wishes you a wonderful holiday season!